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What’s Up With Spring?

The arrival of April to Saskatchewan has brought little relief to the people in the province in terms of warm temperatures. Warm trends have only last a few days at a time, before slipping back into below seasonal temps. Just for fun, while I await the impending cool down expected in the next 2 days, I thought I’d share some comparisons in temperature data between this April, and last April, centering on the Regina observation station data.While some people may remember this, others may not. Regina itself actually did not see seasonal temperatures in April of 2013, until April 26th (which is a date which has yet to come in 2014). On another note, the overall average temperature for the entire month of April in 2013 was only 1 degree Celsius!Taking this into consideration, temperatures this year in April thus far have been overall much warmer than last year, at least based off of data in the Southern regions. BUT, April 2014 has proven to be extremely inconsistent in terms of daytime highs. 2013′s overall cold April actually made way for an almost instantaneous warmup in May, which was a much more consistent month. Here’s hoping that this 1 year “trend” makes a return appearance!You can check out the daily values for April 2013 at the Regina Observation station below:


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