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Storm Hunters Season 4 Recap

The 2016 storm chasing season produced some challenges for us on multiple occasions. Whether it was the timing of storm development, location of storm development, or our own positioning in relation to the storms, we always seemed to be fighting an uphill battle to be in the right spot at the right time. Never the less, we still managed to capture some very unique and memorable images. These experiences are documented in the 4th season of our web series "Storm Hunters". Here is a rundown of this year's webisodes.

Episode 1: "Squall Spectacular" An early season storm system led me out on a solo chase near Regina, SK. The storm soon turned into a squall line and I opted to let it come to me as daylight was quickly fading. It was hard not to get excited about this storm as I waited, looking at photos being posted on social media of the storm passing over Moose Jaw. The storm took what seemed like forever to reach my position; but as soon as it came into view, I was in awe of just how long the storm front had become. As darkness fell, the attention turned to the imminent lightning show. This storm proved to be the perfect opportunity to deploy my new 360 video camera for the first time, as seen in the webisode.

Episode 2: "Nocturnal Hunters" This chase centered mainly on capturing lightning strikes, and the storm certainly didn't disappoint. Multiple close lightning strikes left me thrilled to watch the 360 video footage afterwards.

Episode 3: "Cloud Watching" Stephen and I picked a target near Indian Head, SK, hoping for severe storms to blow up. We documented the slow development of a storm cell, however it never really seemed to be able to take off. Meanwhile, storms began to blow up west of Regina and track north east. Our move to our target left us rather out of position to pursue this storm which would ultimately spawn a tornado. This was likely my biggest disappointment of the season.


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