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Storm Hunters Season 2 Premiere Date

The Storm Hunters webseries is back for a second season on, and is set to give viewers a front row seat to chasing with the PWM team.

Notes from the editor:

"Our second season presented the challenge of trying to piece together episodes out of what really started out as a lack-luster storm season. Far-away systems, and night-time storms plagued the start of our chase season, and was incredibly frustrating for our team who was prepared to capture every minute of the chase season. While the best storm action we saw for several months was a winter storm system (seen in episode 1), there were also a couple other unique story lines to try and capture and convey. The main story line, which reoccurs throughout the episodes, is our team's transition to joining the TVNweather live chasing network. The pressure was on to deliver severe weather coverage throughout the storm season. The second season of our series will be noticeably shorter than the first. There are two reasons for this. First, we felt less of a need to create a 'back story' at the start of the season like we did with the first 3-4 episodes of last season. Second, we had a high standard for the material that we put into our episodes this year. Not everything you see in the regular season episodes will represent all that we did throughout the year, but I believe it is the best of what we captured. I hope you enjoy the second season of Storm Hunters as much as we enjoyed putting it together." -Joshua Zorn

"Blast of Winter", the 1st episode of the season, goes live November 1st, 2014, on


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