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March Melt in Saskatchewan?

This past week across Saskatchewan has brought an onslaught of heavy snowfall, which in some areas resulted in total accumulations of upwards of 15-20 cm. of snow! Now, starting this weekend, a warming trend exists for much of Saskatchewan which could see some major melting occur through the weekend and into next week. Normal highs for this time in March is -2 Celsius.

With daytime highs possibly getting as high as 5 degrees Celsius, major melting is expected to create possible runoff problems. Warm temperatures combined with sunny skies will speed up this process.Residents should take the time before these warm temperatures to make sure that excess snow is cleared away from the outside of their homes, to prevent seepage. These warm temps could potentially create icy conditions on roads which are already snow packed, as snow melts in the daytime, and refreezes overnight.Only time will tell whether this warm weather is here to stay, or if SK will be plunged into another deep freeze. Stay tuned for more updates as temperatures rise and the snow melts!


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