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July 9th Storm Chase

Severe weather made another appearance in southern SK on Monday. The storm threat began in Alberta and southwestern SK before slowly moving east/southeast into the evening hours. We picked up the chase on Monday evening at around 7, with the goal of dropping south to intercept the most intense remaining storm as it tracked eastward. Unfortunately for us, this storm had other ideas and soon began to take a dive south towards the US border. Our target destination became Weyburn, SK, as for a time it appeared that the storm would move right through the city. But it ended up taking a hard enough right turn that it only brought a little bit of rain to the area.

At this point, we had spent the entire chase driving while only really seeing some rain and lightning(which was quite impressive at times). We ultimately started heading for home but were soon treated to a photogenic scene as the back side of the storm became lit up by the setting sun. Factor in a rainbow and canola field and I knew we would be able to at least salvage a few interesting photos from this chase.


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