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Harvest in Saskatchewan - The Sequel

After the warm reception that my Harvest in Saskatchewan 2018 film has had over the past year, I decided it deserved a sequel. It was so much fun filming the harvest operation last year, and this year was even better. With a new drone in the fleet, I was able to get shots that simply weren't possible for me to get the first time around. This year's film also features the same farm as last year: Double Bar D Farms. Special thank you to them for allowing me access to their operation!

Whether or not you have a farming background, there is something uniquely fascinating about watching farm machinery at work from the air. There was a lot going on in the field on this particular day, with 8 combines working, 3 grain carts keeping up with the combines, 2 balers picking up swaths from the combines, and grain semis constantly coming and going.

All of this action is documented in beautiful 4K so I hope you will put it on the biggest screen you have and enjoy the ride!


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