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Content Updates

With Spring officially in full swing, our website has been undergoing some new updates and changes. Firstly, we now have a brand new photo gallery established on the site, allowing our visitors to view our photos by year and subject matter. This new page will continue to be updated regularly so be sure to check back often! You can go directly to the new photo gallery page by clicking the Photos tab.

I'm also excited to be officially opening a designated online store and offering select photography works for purchase in the form of prints. This new store is being offered through, but is fully accessible through our website by clicking on the Shop tab. More photos will soon be made available for purchase, with occasional special deals occurring also! If you see a photo in our photo gallery that you would like to purchase, but can't find it on the store, email us at: and we will be happy to help.

With a new Canadian storm season fast approaching, and the US storm season in full swing, we are planning some brand new live podcasts set to air hopefully during the month of May. Be sure to follow our Twitter: to stay up to date on these new episodes!


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